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    The wheeling machine or "english wheel" is the grandfather of metalshaping machinery. Elegant and simplistic in it's form, the wheeling machine can be used to create exquisite, organic and complex shapes in sheet metal.
    While not wanting to "reinvent the wheel" (pun intended), and cast wheels of historical note being extremely hard to come by, we decided to produce our own. Inspired by the classics, notes of the American "Excel" and the English "Ranalah" machines can be felt in the design.
    Our DMC-34 Wheeling Machine is 100% made in Michigan. The frames are locally cast from STEEL (instead of the traditional iron) to allow for modification to suit each buyer and for the ease of repair as we believe these tools will last for generations. The frames are machined locally then painted and assembled in-house using our DMC lower adjuster and tooling from the flagship brand of wheeling accessories: Hoosier Profiles. 
    Included with purchase: 1 hardened 8x3" upper wheel and a set of (6) 3x3 lower anvils from Hoosier Profiles.
    Anvil radius list:
    2.375", 3.250", 5", 12", 24", FLAT.